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Basilio was born in Madrid in 1934. It was in this city where he studied all forms of dance from a very young age, training at various dance schools, where his teachers included Paquita Pagán, Quika, Luisa Pericet, Ana Lázaro, Alberto Portillo, Héctor Zaraspe, Alberto Lorca, Aguedita Sarasúa, Cristina Alonso, Karen Taft, Leif Ornberg and Ana Ivanova . His professional activity as a ballet dancer began in 1950 as the dance partner of the famous Carmen Macarena with whom he toured France, performing at the Pavillon – Champs Elysées in Paris in front of President De Gaulle. From there they travelled to the Middle East, where they danced in Ankara before the Shah of Persia, who was visiting Turkey. He subsequently became part of Spain's most universal ballet company, the Ballet de Antonio, during the first stage of its founding. Together with the great Antonio, he toured the world’s most prestigious theatres, where he had the honour of dancing for presidents and royal families.

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